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Earth Termite & Pest Control Your Reliable Pest Control Partner

Earth Termite & Pest Control is a trustworthy pest control service provider in Brisbane, Logan & Ipswich. We understand how irritating pest infestation can become for you and cater to your need for an effective, safe, eco-friendly and prompt pest control solution for homes, offices and other commercial spaces.

We are equipped with the expertise to handle all kinds of pest infestation and offer protection from ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, termites and general pests. We believe in providing the right advice to solve our customer’s pest infestation problems and guaranteed results making us the most reliable pest control experts in Brisbane.

Our Services

Complete Pest Management Solutions in Brisbane, Logan & Ipswich.

Earth Termite & Pest Control specializes in providing effective solutions for pest management and control in Brisbane, Logan & Ipswich. Our team offers all kinds of pest control solutions for residential and commercial spaces along with termite control solutions in Brisbane, Ipswich & Logan.


Residential pest control services in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich


We conduct thorough inspection of your home to help you eradicate pests such as ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, termites and general pests with minimum trouble.

Commercial pest control services in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich


We understand how important it is for a commercial space to stay free from pests and provide effective pest inspection and control services for small and large commercial builds

Termite Treatments pest control services in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich

Termite Treatments

We provide holistic solutions for termite control in Brisbane, Ipswich & Logan by conducting thorough termite inspection in residential as well as commercial buildings and employing eco-friendly methods to eradicate termites.

How We Serve

Why Choose Earth Termite & Pest Control
for Pest Control in Brisbane, Logan & Ipswich, Australia?

Expert Team

Our team is highly-trained to handle instances of all types of pest infestations and provide detailed answers to your queries regarding our process and its effect on pests.

Superior Customer Service

We are famous for our customer service and provide the right advice to our customers, every time. Owing to our superior customer service, we can boast of offering 100{8067af65ec3946f099b0c198c625982c7969bb920ac7787aa66f1204e042ade7} satisfaction to our customers.

Eco-friendly Solutions

We believe in protecting the environment while providing our services and follow environmental-friendly principles to take care of your health as well as the environment.

Holistic Protection Promise

We are a full-service service provider offering professional pest control services in Brisbane that offers protection from infestation of ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, termites, general pests, etc.


EarthTermite and Pest Control - cockroach

Crawling Insect

Crawling insects are creepy and can make you despise them just by the look of them. If you see insects crawling around your home, you should definitely think of talking to pest control experts in Brisbane, Logan & Ipswich. Some of the common pests in Brisbane.

EarthTermite and Pest Control - Flies

Flying Insect

Flying insects can be a nuisance as they not only cause discomfort but can be a serious threat to the health of human beings. If you are struggling to get rid of flying insects, you must avail professional pest control services in Brisbane, Ipswich & Logan.

EarthTermite and Pest Control - Mice

Rodents, Birds & Others

Not only flying and crawling insects, other creatures such as Mice & Rates (rodents), birds and similar animals can intrude and create a ruckus. We provide exclusive and extensive pest control services in Brisbane, Logan & Ipswich.

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