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10 types of common pests every homeowner must save his home from

Posted by: earthtermit February 17, 2018 No Comments

Pests are irritating as well as frustrating at the same time. Homeowners all around Australia suffer from different kinds of pest infestations, round the year. No matter how much harmless they appear, but crawling/flying insects and other pests can cause significant damage to a home. Some of the most common pests that every homeowner must save his house from are as follows:

Termites: Termites or white ants are generally invisible to the eye and make wood furniture and foundation hollow. As they can create colonies deep within the foundation, they are hard to track during initial stages.
Rats & Mice: Rats and mice are disease vectors that can be a cause of fatal diseases. As they contaminate food items in the kitchen that can cause significant damage to health, if not kept out of homes.
Ants: Ants are common pests that enter homes and can create colonies in search of food and shelter. Generally harmless, their infestation can still cause damage to stored food items.
Bed Bugs: Bed bug bites suck blood and can cause skin rashes. They can easily hide within cracks and crevices and lead to loss of sleep, apart from other problems.
Birds: No matter how much harmless perching birds may appear, their droppings and nests can cause significant damage to exterior surfaces and can even corrode metal tin sheds.
Bees/Wasps: Stings from wasps and bees are really painful and can cause rashes on skin. Moreover, their nests/hives are heavy and can create additional load on the structure of the home.
Fleas: Fleas feed on the blood of pets and humans and can be a nuisance for your house pets if they infest your homes.
Flies: Houseflies can be seen everywhere, but are not completely harmless. They carry host of disease-causing microorganisms with them and when they sit on food items, these microorganisms infect the food.
Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes are known to cause a host of deadly diseases that can be fatal. As they also feed on human blood and are vectors for various harmful viruses, having them inside their homes is something you will never want.
Cockroaches: Cockroaches contaminate food and can be a nuisance if not controlled in time. As they can reproduce in large numbers, keeping them controlled should a homeowner’s top priority.

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