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How to protect your homes from crawling insects?

Posted by: earthtermit February 17, 2018 No Comments

How to protect your homes from crawling insects?

Crawling insects are creepy no matter which species they belong to. And it is very hard to control crawling pests once they infest homes. Precaution is always better than cure and that is why we bring you the best prevention tips to keep crawling insects away from your home.

Creating effective barriers can help your home stay safe from crawling insects. You can either create physical barriers, chemical barriers or choose to change your lifestyle by creating cultural barriers, according to your convenience:

Creating physical barriers

You can block all entrances and openings such as attic vents, basement windows and holes in door weather stripping. By creating physical barriers and filling up cracks in and around windows, you can make your home unattractive for pests. As crawling pests seek an easy way out, pests will not make an effort to get inside your homes if they find the entrances and openings blocked.

Creating chemical barriers

You can choose to use chemical insecticides to keep pests away from your home. Apply a trustworthy and effective insecticide near your foundation wall and on the ground to keep the pests away. Just make sure you are properly covered while treating surfaces and if you have pests, keep the area out of their reach to avoid an accident. It is always better to call a professional pest control expert in Brisbane instead of trying to create a chemical barrier yourself.

Changing your lifestyle & creating cultural barriers

A change in your lifestyle can make your home unattractive by eliminating desirable habitable conditions for pests. For creating a cultural barrier you can think of taking the following steps:

Keep all the plants away from the foundation of your home. Also, make sure that no tree branch or shrub touches your home as it creates a bridge for insects to crawl and enter your home easily.

Firewood is a breeding ground for insects. Make sure you do not store firewood inside your premises. Create a separate storage area and keep firewood away from the ground at an elevated platform to keep pests away.

Keep your home foundation dry at all the times using downspouts. Downspout redirects water away from your foundation making it dry and unfavorable for insects because of lack of moisture.

Keep your backyard clean as a dirty backyard filled with leaf litter, logs and stones provide a great hiding and breeding spot for crawling insects.

Keep all exterior lights off during the nights as the source of light attract many pests including a number of crawling pests

Using these effective techniques, you can easily keep your homes safe from the infestation of crawling pests. If you are still not sure if these tips would work, you can talk to our experts about pest infestation. Our team will help you take necessary steps and even assist you with pest control if your home is already suffering from pest infestation.